Media Control Systems was founded by Mr. Thomas Walsh and Mr. Tracy Cummins in May of 2000.  Previously Tom and Tracy held executive management positions at Channelmatic, Inc., a pioneer of Television Automation Products and Cable TV Ad Insertion Equipment.  Media Control Systems was formed after an asset purchase of Channelmatic by Tom, Tracy and other investors.  In 2002 Tom and Tracy purchased all of the shares of Media Control Systems, making them sole share holders.

Tom and Tracy have over 30 years of experience in the Broadcast Television Automation Products Business.  In 2012 Tom and Tracy received an Emmy Technology Award for their work at Channelmatic in the development of the Cable TV Ad Insertion Technology and Market.

Media Control Systems (MCS) specializes in television automation products and systems for program recording, playback, and ad insertion.  Media Control Systems manufactures its own brand of products and also resells and integrates other TV automation related products.


MCS sells its products nationally and internationally to Broadcast TV Stations, Cable TV Systems, Governments, Educational Organizations, Public Non-profit Broadcasters, and Internet Channel Providers.